Fall 2012 Hair Trends…Let’s be blunt!

Blunt Bangs are all the rage as one of the hottest looks for Fall 2012. Julia Anzures, my all time fave stylist from Salon Pandora has stopped by to give us a few tips on how to get started and maintain this must have look of the season!

Source: Imaxtree

Going blunt may require training:

1)  Try using a round metal brush when blow drying. This will transfer the heat from the dryer onto the brush and smooth the hair.

2)  Using a light hold hairspray to lock bangs in place after drying is advisable.

3)  When choosing a length for your bangs think  baby steps…you can always go shorter later if you are hesitant at first.

4)  Bangs grow rather quickly so make bi-monthly appointments with your stylist to keep them in check!

Whether you go for dramatic super thick bangs (think Zooey Deschanel )

Source: IMDb

or longer wispy bangs right above the eyelashes like Jessica Biel

Source: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images North America

You are sure to get noticed and the effect will draw attention to your eyes.

Have any of you tried bangs for the fall?  Do you think they’re worth the upkeep?

“I do”…Simple and Elegant Wedding Day Makeup

I recently had the pleasure to be the makeup artist for the lovely Nina on her wedding day.  She is an absolute classic beauty with a fabulous smile.  Nina’s vision was that of a simple and elegant makeup look for her I do’s.  Since she typically does not wear much makeup, she wanted to look like herself,  yet more polished.  She most definitely wanted to avoid those comments like  “Oh WOW! Almost didn’t recognize ya with all that makeup!”

To make Nina’s vision happen, I used the Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Palette along with individual false lashes.  I really adore the individual falsies because they look super natural and you can fill them in only where they are needed.

For Nina’s perfect pout, I used Pink Baiser by Dior, a shade close to her natural lip color.

Here is the finished product!

This is one fresh-faced and fabulous beauty!  I absolutely LOVED Nina’s lace vintage dress!  Don’t you agree?

Remember to choose classic shades of makeup and avoid trends for your wedding day look! This will ensure that your pictures NEVER look dated.  We’ve all seen those unforgettable 1970′ and 80’s era disasters…you know, the ones with blue eyeshadow all the way to the brow?  Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go!

  Let’s hear it ladies! What are some of your all time favorite bridal looks?

Fall 2012 Nail Trends

I absolutely cannot live without nail color!  A pop of polish can totally bring an ensemble to the next level! Nothing beats the look of freshly lacquered nails with some of fall’s hottest new colors. Not sure if you want to go out of your comfort zone with some of the trends?  Polish is the perfect way to go…after all, it’s temporary and you don’t need to spend a lot make it happen.

One of my favorite bold shades for fall is Turquoise by Bobbi Brown.  It makes a statement, yet it’s classy and super chic. Don’t you think this polish would go so well with the reptile trend?


Frenzy by Chanel is a gorgeous neutral shade with a hint of grey.  Pair this polish with a burgundy clutch and you have the perfect union! What do you think of this stunning Alexander McQueen number? A girl can dream!



Butter London has a shimmery rust colored shade tilted “Shag”.  Don’t you think this would be awesome for the Holidays?


So…there you have it! Some of this upcoming season’s hottest nail shades!

Which shades caught your eye?

5 Minute Face for New Moms

Since most of my friends have recently become new moms, they all want to know the secret to looking refreshed. Of course moms don’t have unlimited time to frolic in the makeup drawer each morning…Most women have five minutes or less to get the job done.  Sound impossible? It’s not!  Although becoming a mama shifts your priorities, you can still set aside those few minutes to look your best for facing the world with your little one in tow.

Keep it simple with these 5 essentials:

1) Under Eye Brightener

I absolutely LOVE Yves St.Laurent Touch Eclat. It’s great to keep in your bag for on the go applications because of it’s built in brush. Apply it under your eyes and pat with your ring finger. You can even wear it on your eyelids!


2) Tinted Moisturizer

If you don’t have one, make your own! Mix a few drops of your foundation with a drop of your favorite daytime moisturizer with SPF. Apply with a foundation brush or sponge in downward strokes. So simple!

3) Blush

Stick to blush shades that will give you a flushed look on the cheek such as corals and bright pinks for lighter skin tones, and plum shades for darker skin tones.  Apply to the apple of the cheek with a blush brush.  Blend back towards the hairline, then downward.

4) Mascara

Apply two coats!

5) Gloss or Lip Color

Go for a shade close to your natural skin color.

You are now ready to face the day looking like you’ve slept 8+ hours!!! These 5 essentials are also great to keep in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day!  I can’t live without mine…

What are your 5 favorite makeup essentials?

How to Choose Eyeshadows for a Natural Daytime Look

You know that familiar feeling when you approach the cosmetics counter and you are bombarded by the rainbow of shades for eye color? There are so many shades, and brands to choose from.

Stick to these simple tips when choosing shades to wear for day:

1) Look for shades that are similar to your skin color.

-Think-slightly lighter and slightly darker than your skin color.

-Shimmer and matte shadows can be used together.

-If you work in a professional setting, you probably don’t want to go for shades much darker than your natural lid color,  save those for evening  looks.

2) Keep it simple – No more than three shades at a time for day.

-Apply the lightest shade all over the lid. You can use the next darkest shades on the contour or lower lid.  

3) Chose between long wear cream shadows OR powder shadows.

-If you know you will be heading from work to another event, look for long wear shadow formulas that don’t crease.

-If you choose powder shadows, go for palettes because they are super easy to throw in your bag for late afternoon touch ups.

Here are some favorites:

An absolutely amazing all-in-one palette is the Naked Palette from Urban Decay. I love this palette in particular due to its versatility and easy to wear shades.  These are great shades that look fantastic on everyone. The darker hues work very well as eyeliner.


Another favorite is this sheer, great for everyday palette by Bobbi Brown.


I adore long wear cream shadows becasue they don’t crease and are great for humid weather. There is also no need to touch them up during the day! 



What are some of your favorite eye shadows for day?