Fall 2012 Eye Trend: Multi-Toned Eyes

One of the hottest eyeshadow looks for Fall 2012 is having a multi-toned lid. Here is one of my favorite looks, an olive green smoky eye.

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

Some amazing eyeshadows I found to easily achieve  this look:

MAC’s Sumptuous Olive is a fantastic khaki green.

MAC’s Antiqued shade is a bronzed brown perfect for blending with Sumptuous Olive.

Bobbi’s Limited Edition Caviar Palette is quite amazing, don’t  you think?

Smashbox’s Limited Edition Shades of Fame is lovely! I’m especially loving Safari, Praline, Gold, Bliss and Mocha!

Have any of you ladies tried this look for fall?

FSU Game Day Nails

In just a few hours, Tampa will experience a serious Seminole invasion. In anticipation of the FSU vs. USF game, I have been on the hunt for a Noles inspired  manicure to show my school spirit.  OPI’s Wine Me & Dine Me is the quintessential garnet shade to sport for the War Chant! It’s a deep garnet with a hint of metallic shimmer, perfect for fall!  Go Noles!

Fabulous Fall 2012 Lip Trend

I have a serious love affair with Cosmic Raspberry, one of Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color lip shades. I love this color for so many reasons…it’s such a great pick me up, a pop of color for the face, it looks fantastic in pictures, and did I mention that bright matte lips are a fall 2012 trend? It’s most definitely my signature lip color and would seriously wear it to sleep if I could : ) A few weeks ago I went to a birthday party and was immediately drawn to one of the guests which I thought was sporting Cosmic Raspberry. To my surprise, she went into her hand bag to show me her “new obsession” which she bragged had fabulous staying power. She pulled out a CoverGirl Blastflipstick in “Pucker”. GASP…

I can honestly admit I’ve never purchased CoverGirl products (as the saying goes “never say never”…). Intrigued to say the least, I decided to stop at my local drugstore to pick one of these up. I must say, the darker color is incredibly similar to Cosmic Raspberry and does indeed have a long-wear quality as well as a beautiful matte finish. It’s a great alternative to spending the department store price if you are wanting to experiment with a new lip color for fall (it’s less than half the price!).

I just had to add this pic of my best friend Holly who purchased the CoverGirl version yesterday! She is a mom of two and does her makeup in under 3 minutes. She has fallen head over heels with this shade and feels that it really finishes off her look! I think she looks fab, don’t you agree?

Have you ladies found any frugal alternatives to some of your fave beauty products? Please do share!

September Birchbox Subscription Review

Hey there!  My name is Angelique and I am guest blogging for all of you beautiful ladies today!  My business, Salty Sisters Junk is all about making hand-made goods, but I LOVE beauty products to death.  I cannot wait to tell you about Birchbox and my September subscription!

Birchbox is a monthly subscription that sends you a little box of beauty products in the mail for only $10.  I think it’s fun to get a surprise box of goodies in the mail! Since I signed up for the service, I have loved most of the products I’ve received.  They come in either sample or full sizes, with about 5-6 items per box.

I’ll admit… the September box was not the most excellent I’ve received, but some items were pretty cool.

Items in box:

There is also a $25 gift certificate to Madewell and a Fall Lookbook that goes over all the latest fashion and beauty trends.

One of the benefits of this box is that it gives me the opportunity to experience products that I otherwise wouldn’t purchase. I love to try new things and Birchbox makes it simple!  The sample sizes are also great for traveling.  Shampoo packets are great for weekend trips and, for instance, although I already have a makeup primer that I use, this sample size from Benefit will take up a lot less space in my make up bag.  Do you know what that means?  More room for packing shoes!!!



Thanks so much to Angelique for stopping by and sharing this beautiful review! How do you ladies feel about receiving this box of high-end beauty products each month for only 10 dollars? I’m SOLD!!! If you are currently receiving Birchbox, leave us some feedback and tell us what products you like the most!

Runway to Reality Style Seminar Recap

Last night, I had the amazing opportunity to present the latest fall makeup trends at the Runway to Reality Style Seminar. Thanks to Tampa Bay Fashion Week and Working Women of Tampa Bay for organizing this incredible event at Push Ultra Lounge.  Here’s a quick recap of the night!

There were cocktails, cupcakes and mingling to kick things off before the style seminar was underway. To create a more intimate experience, the lovely ladies were divided into smaller groups in order to rotate throughout four separate stations.

Sara Stonecipher, owner of Misred Outfitters was showing off her unbelievable vintage fashions from her boutique in St. Petersburg.

Beach Drive boutique, Bella Moda, set up shop to showcase their unique Brazilian designs.

Lisa Ford of Invent Your Image presented color analysis and draping to show women what shades work best for their skin.

Beauty and Style expert Wendi Braswell discussed how to wear the best clothes for your body type.

Here I am demonstrating how to create the perfect cat eye for fall along with other makeup tips!

Tampa Bay Fashion Week has been nothing less than fab… I’m anxiously awaiting the Runway Show this Friday!  Which event has been your favorite?

5 in 1 Beauty Bargain

If you haven’t discovered Argan Oil, you’re missing out one of the most amazing miracle products available!  I came across the Acure brand at my local health food store and decided to give it a whirl. I was instantly attracted to the Organic label AND its low price point (under 20 dollars!!! Can you say beauty bargain?).  This “liquid gold” has multitude of benefits due to its high vitamin E and fatty acid content.  Not only does it hydrate the skin, but it also fights fine lines!  This multipurpose product is also great for travel.

Five uses for Argan Oil:

-Place a few drops on your hair to create a brilliant shine.

-Mix with your body lotion to boost moisture (great for fall and winter).

-Massage into your cuticle area.

-Soothe dry elbows and feet.

-Use as a facial serum. Place a few drops onto your fingertips and press in the skin.


Are you ladies in love yet with this 5 in 1 beauty bargain under $20?

Four Fantastic Tips for Organizing your Makeup

Look familiar???  Oh yes…the disorganized and oh-so-disastrous makeup bag!  Do you find yourself not utilizing your entire makeup wardrobe because you can’t find what you’re looking for? I can assure you that if this is how you roll,  it’s most definitely not the most efficient way.  You can save yourself several minutes each morning by avoiding the dreaded digging.  If you’re one of those women that take all of your makeup with you each time you leave the house, check out the eight essential products you should keep in your makeup bag  for on-the-go touch ups.  

Just follow these 4 easy tips to make your makeup drawer functional and fabulous: 

1)  Choose a drawer that’s convenient to place your makeup in. The bathroom is usually the best place to set up.  If you don’t have a built-in drawer available, you can purchase an organizer such as this one and place it under your sink when not in use.


Discard any expired products or ones that you never use.  (If  its something you’ve had since your wedding and it’s your 9th anny, it’s time to say goodbye!)  seriously! If it’s past it’s prime, you don’t want to put it on your face. 

3) Line your drawer(s) with non-slip rubber liner.  This is essential!  Without it, the makeup slides each time you open the drawer.

4) Organize your makeup from left to right in the order you like to apply it, and sort by groups (example: From left to right-skin care, foundation, powder, blush…)

There you have it! Everything in plain sight, fully functional and fabulous!  How do you organize your makeup?  Share your tips with us!

Makeup Tips For Outdoor Photo Shoots

Last weekend there was a much-needed Bon Bon Rose Girls reunion. There’s nothing like meeting up with close high school friends for an evening of  non-stop travels down memory lane.  On the agenda, was an outdoor photo session with Corey from Best Part Photography to capture some new head shots for the ladies and I.  Despite the ridiculous humidity and an impending hurricane, we still continued with the outdoor location.  I had my job as makeup artist cut out for me but…I would make the ladies look nothing less than lovely!  For Kristin’s look, I focused on giving her a super natural and flawless complexion along with a bright lip.

Tips for outdoor photography:

1) Use a foundation primer! This is key for your skin to look absolutely amazing and smooth.  It also makes your foundation stay put in the most humid of conditions (it was even Hurricane Isaac proof…)

2) Make sure to set your foundation with a loose powder to keep any shininess at bay (you want to avoid the “glazed doughnut” look…).

3) Bring a few blotting papers to touch up in between shots.

4) Choose a bright lip. Outdoor lighting tends to wash out lighter colors.

5) Exfoliate your face and lips before your session.  Dry and flaky skin are definitely visible in outdoor lighting.

A few products I used to create Kristin’s look:

I started by applying Smashbox Photo Finish Primer followed by foundation.

For Kristin’s eyes, I used a concealer to brighten her under eye area.  Next, I applied bronzed shadows from MAC, lined with Bobbi’s  Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Espresso and finished it off with black mascara.

MAC Honesty Eye Shadow

MAC Tempting Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Espresso Long-Wear Gel Liner

For the bright lip, I went with the one and only Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry Lip Color

Here is the finished product!

Have any of you had outdoor photo shoots and battled any elements?  Share your tips with us!

Game Day Nails…USF Style

I had the pleasure of kicking off football season this weekend by attending University of South Florida’s home game. Although USF is not my Alma Mater, I went to keep the husband company in the sweltering heat!! To get in the game day spirit, I decided to pull out one of my favorite nail colors by Chanel, Peridot. It’s absolutely the PERFECT MATCH to wear for the games! This multifaceted polish is a gorgeous combination of green and gold. Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments.


Which nail color do you wear to show team spirit?