Ravishing Red Lips

A red pout is one of the most timeless and elegant looks. When done properly, it can be the pop of color necessary to make a statement with your ensemble.

A few easy tips to create the perfect red lip:

-First off, always search for a shade of red that looks best on your skin tone. There are endless shades to choose from: red-oranges, red-browns, true reds, and blue-reds.  (Trying on at the store before purchasing is always key.)

-For a perfect red pout make sure that you start with a well hydrated and exfoliated lip. (Apply lip balm overnight, and gently exfoliate your lips with a tooth-brush the next morning.)

-Apply a small amount of foundation onto your lips.

-Apply the lip color using a lip brush rather than straight from the tube.

-Use a lip liner in that same shade of red and apply the liner on your natural lip line. (Going outside of your natural lip line WILL make you look ridiculous!)

-Teeth check! No one ever looks classy with crimson stained teeth.

-Go easy on the eyes.  I love pairing a classic red lip with neutral shadows and simple cat eye-SO Mad Men!

A few versions of the ultimate red pout…

Red lips are perfect for the season and look fantastic in photos. If you don’t have a tube, treat yourself!

Fall 2012 Eye Trend: Multi-Toned Eyes

One of the hottest eyeshadow looks for Fall 2012 is having a multi-toned lid. Here is one of my favorite looks, an olive green smoky eye.

Photo Credit: Imaxtree

Some amazing eyeshadows I found to easily achieve  this look:

MAC’s Sumptuous Olive is a fantastic khaki green.

MAC’s Antiqued shade is a bronzed brown perfect for blending with Sumptuous Olive.

Bobbi’s Limited Edition Caviar Palette is quite amazing, don’t  you think?

Smashbox’s Limited Edition Shades of Fame is lovely! I’m especially loving Safari, Praline, Gold, Bliss and Mocha!

Have any of you ladies tried this look for fall?

Fabulous Fall 2012 Lip Trend

I have a serious love affair with Cosmic Raspberry, one of Bobbi Brown’s Rich Color lip shades. I love this color for so many reasons…it’s such a great pick me up, a pop of color for the face, it looks fantastic in pictures, and did I mention that bright matte lips are a fall 2012 trend? It’s most definitely my signature lip color and would seriously wear it to sleep if I could : ) A few weeks ago I went to a birthday party and was immediately drawn to one of the guests which I thought was sporting Cosmic Raspberry. To my surprise, she went into her hand bag to show me her “new obsession” which she bragged had fabulous staying power. She pulled out a CoverGirl Blastflipstick in “Pucker”. GASP…

I can honestly admit I’ve never purchased CoverGirl products (as the saying goes “never say never”…). Intrigued to say the least, I decided to stop at my local drugstore to pick one of these up. I must say, the darker color is incredibly similar to Cosmic Raspberry and does indeed have a long-wear quality as well as a beautiful matte finish. It’s a great alternative to spending the department store price if you are wanting to experiment with a new lip color for fall (it’s less than half the price!).

I just had to add this pic of my best friend Holly who purchased the CoverGirl version yesterday! She is a mom of two and does her makeup in under 3 minutes. She has fallen head over heels with this shade and feels that it really finishes off her look! I think she looks fab, don’t you agree?

Have you ladies found any frugal alternatives to some of your fave beauty products? Please do share!

Makeup Tips For Outdoor Photo Shoots

Last weekend there was a much-needed Bon Bon Rose Girls reunion. There’s nothing like meeting up with close high school friends for an evening of  non-stop travels down memory lane.  On the agenda, was an outdoor photo session with Corey from Best Part Photography to capture some new head shots for the ladies and I.  Despite the ridiculous humidity and an impending hurricane, we still continued with the outdoor location.  I had my job as makeup artist cut out for me but…I would make the ladies look nothing less than lovely!  For Kristin’s look, I focused on giving her a super natural and flawless complexion along with a bright lip.

Tips for outdoor photography:

1) Use a foundation primer! This is key for your skin to look absolutely amazing and smooth.  It also makes your foundation stay put in the most humid of conditions (it was even Hurricane Isaac proof…)

2) Make sure to set your foundation with a loose powder to keep any shininess at bay (you want to avoid the “glazed doughnut” look…).

3) Bring a few blotting papers to touch up in between shots.

4) Choose a bright lip. Outdoor lighting tends to wash out lighter colors.

5) Exfoliate your face and lips before your session.  Dry and flaky skin are definitely visible in outdoor lighting.

A few products I used to create Kristin’s look:

I started by applying Smashbox Photo Finish Primer followed by foundation.

For Kristin’s eyes, I used a concealer to brighten her under eye area.  Next, I applied bronzed shadows from MAC, lined with Bobbi’s  Long-Wear Gel Eye Liner in Espresso and finished it off with black mascara.

MAC Honesty Eye Shadow

MAC Tempting Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown Espresso Long-Wear Gel Liner

For the bright lip, I went with the one and only Bobbi Brown Cosmic Raspberry Lip Color

Here is the finished product!

Have any of you had outdoor photo shoots and battled any elements?  Share your tips with us!

“I do”…Simple and Elegant Wedding Day Makeup

I recently had the pleasure to be the makeup artist for the lovely Nina on her wedding day.  She is an absolute classic beauty with a fabulous smile.  Nina’s vision was that of a simple and elegant makeup look for her I do’s.  Since she typically does not wear much makeup, she wanted to look like herself,  yet more polished.  She most definitely wanted to avoid those comments like  “Oh WOW! Almost didn’t recognize ya with all that makeup!”

To make Nina’s vision happen, I used the Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Palette along with individual false lashes.  I really adore the individual falsies because they look super natural and you can fill them in only where they are needed.

For Nina’s perfect pout, I used Pink Baiser by Dior, a shade close to her natural lip color.

Here is the finished product!

This is one fresh-faced and fabulous beauty!  I absolutely LOVED Nina’s lace vintage dress!  Don’t you agree?

Remember to choose classic shades of makeup and avoid trends for your wedding day look! This will ensure that your pictures NEVER look dated.  We’ve all seen those unforgettable 1970′ and 80’s era disasters…you know, the ones with blue eyeshadow all the way to the brow?  Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go!

  Let’s hear it ladies! What are some of your all time favorite bridal looks?

Fall 2012 Nail Trends

I absolutely cannot live without nail color!  A pop of polish can totally bring an ensemble to the next level! Nothing beats the look of freshly lacquered nails with some of fall’s hottest new colors. Not sure if you want to go out of your comfort zone with some of the trends?  Polish is the perfect way to go…after all, it’s temporary and you don’t need to spend a lot make it happen.

One of my favorite bold shades for fall is Turquoise by Bobbi Brown.  It makes a statement, yet it’s classy and super chic. Don’t you think this polish would go so well with the reptile trend?


Frenzy by Chanel is a gorgeous neutral shade with a hint of grey.  Pair this polish with a burgundy clutch and you have the perfect union! What do you think of this stunning Alexander McQueen number? A girl can dream!



Butter London has a shimmery rust colored shade tilted “Shag”.  Don’t you think this would be awesome for the Holidays?


So…there you have it! Some of this upcoming season’s hottest nail shades!

Which shades caught your eye?