The Key to a Fresh Face

I’ll let you in on a little secret…Most women tend to leave this simple step out of their beauty routine. It’ll make your skin glow and your makeup go on smoothly.

“What is it”,  you ask?  One word: EXFOLIATION.  It’s life changing!

There is absolutely NO reason to skip over this step. No matter how exhausted you are, just do it!  You only need to do it 2-3 times a week and it takes less than a minute. Exfoliation rids your face of the dull, dry, and dead skin cells to give you a fresh and polished look.

One of my go t0 products for the job is ExfoliKate, by Kate Somerville. It’s made with one of my all time fave ingredients, pumpkin, along with some amazing oils!


-Don’t over-exfoliate. It’s best to stick to around 3 times a week.

-Be gentle! Move your finger tips in a circular motion and let the product do the work.

-Use a small amount on your lips, rinse, and apply lip balm before bed. Your lipstick will look amazing on smooth and hydrated lips.

-Apply your favorite moisturizer after exfoliation.

It’s especially important to rid your face of that flaky skin during these upcoming fall and winter months.  Set aside 3 minutes a week to give yourself that fresh-faced glow. Share your favorite tips and products for exfoliating!