What NOT to do…(on your face)

Ok ladies, here are some top makeup DONT’S that will keep you from looking like a fright!

-DON’T wear the wrong color foundation!

Foundation is one of the most important parts of a makeup routine. Whether you wear a tinted moisturizer, a full coverage foundation, or a powder based formula ALWAYS try it before you buy it! Investing in a foundation that can be purchased in the department store will give you the opportunity to wear it on your skin. (Never try the foundation on your hand because your face and your hand are NOT the same color!)  If the foundation leaves a mark on the jaw line, then that color is too dark! You will know you have found your match when the foundation “disappears” into the skin.  It’s a great idea to check the foundation in natural light if possible.  Yellow based foundations are best and work well with all skin types rather than pink based shades. The pink based formulas leave a pepto bismol like glow on the face…yikes!

-DON’T line the bottom eyelid alone! 

Lining only the bottom eyelid creates a droopy effect and focuses all the attention to the under eye, which tends to be a problem area for most women. When lining the eyes, line either the top lid alone OR both the top and bottom eyelids. Remember to line all the way across the eye from the inner corner to the outer corner.

-DON’T overdo the blush!

Although the holidays are approaching, the toy soldier look is OUT for this season! Apply  your blush on the apple of the cheek blending towards the hairline. You want an even application that is not focused only on the apple.  If you apply too much blush, take your foundation blush and swipe over the area in downward strokes. This will tone down the intensity of the pigment.

-DON’T use a lip liner that is darker than your lip color! 

We’ve all seen the dark brown liner paired with the light lip color. Ladies… AVOID this look at all costs! The purpose of a lip liner is to keep the lipstick from bleeding past the lip area. Match your lip liner with your lip color. For a more natural look, apply the liner AFTER you have applied the lip color.

-DON’T “overshimmer”!

So many women get carried away and frost their faces like cupcakes! Keep it simple and avoid the “frosted face”! If you are wearing shimmer shadows, then you won’t need a shimmer gloss, along with a shimmer blush, and a shimmer highlighter…Choose an area or two to feature with shimmer. Don’t overdo it!

Share your make up DON’Ts with us!